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diy homemade paint

DIY Homemade Paint For Kids

June 7, 2017 in DIY, Motherhood, Recipes - No Comments

I’ve been covered in someone else’s snot for the last week or so, and I think I’ve said “wipe your mocos, please” about 2,000 times. Summer colds are the worst. You’re cooped up inside, and you quickly run out of activities to do. (Especially when you have a toddler). After racking my brain for a while over some fun things that we could do indoors, I decided on painting! I had an old piece of poster board that I used for product photography begging to have some artwork on it. The only problem with that? We don’t have any paint in the house. So, I decided to make some! This DIY Homemade Paint Recipe is ridiculously easy (it’s super similar to my DIY All-Natural Playdough Recipe that I posted about a few weeks ago). You also probably have everything you need to make it already in your cupboard!

This is a great activity to do for those rainy days, or when your kids are feeling a bit under the weather. It’s fun, it sparks creativity, and it can all be done indoors!


You Will Need:

  • 4 C Water
  • 2 C All-Purpose Flour
  • 2 TSP Salt
  • Splash of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  • Food Coloring of Choice
  • Large Muffin Tin


    1. Pour Water into Pot over Medium Heat, add salt
    2. Spoon in Flour, slowly, and begin whisking.
    3. Add a Splash of EVOO, continually whisking.
    4. Once the mixture is thickened (think porridge), remove from heat.


    1. Spoon equal amounts into muffin tin, and add food coloring.

_MG_0750_MG_0758For this, I wanted to see the difference in consistency and performance between traditional food coloring and natural food coloring–for science. They came out exactly the same! You can see how I usually naturally color things on my DIY All-Natural Playdough post.

  1. Put in fridge to cool.


Utilize items that you have lying around the house to make different textures and shapes! We used a toilet paper roll, some foam numbers, cookie cutters, and blocks. Clean up for this one is simple, so don’t worry about staining toys. You can also grab items like cotton balls, leaves from outside, feathers, water bottles, etc. The possibilities are endless. Of course, you can use paint brushes too, but where’s the fun in that?

diy homemade paint

This was so much fun! Grayson had fun dunking his fingers into all of the colors and slapping them down onto the poster board. The only mistake that I made was doing this right before lunch/nap time, because he needed a bath immediately afterwards. Although, I didn’t anticipate him running his fingers through his hair. You live and you learn!



What are some fun activities that you like doing with your kids indoors? Whether it’s a gloomy day or they’re under the weather! I’d love to hear them, so that I can add more fun things to my “Mom Arsenal”. I am still new at this, after all.


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