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Life With A Toddler: Our Current Favorite Books

September 9, 2017 in Motherhood - No Comments

If you read my recap of Grayson’s Second Birthday, you’ll remember that I talked about spending a ridiculous amount of gift card money on books. He absolutely loves to read books, and we own so many. Typically, a good 85% of our books come from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. (If you’re not signed up for that yet–do it! Each child in your family will receive one book a month for the first 5 years of their life. Most of the books have been a hit, a few are a miss.) Once he got out of the stage where he wanted to tear the pages, I felt comfortable investing in some quality toddler books for him.

I wanted to compile a list of five of our current favorite books. Each of these get read at least twice a day:

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My Awesome Alphabet Book by Make Believe Ideas

_MG_2611_MG_2613What drew me to this one initially, was the fact that the pages are in the shape of each letter. When we purchased this book, Grayson would recite his version of the alphabet. It was mostly “A, B, D, D” and some mumbling. Now he’s able to recite the entire alphabet, recognize each letter, and give an example of each letter (ie: “H is for Helicopter”). He caught on very quickly. The brightly colored pages and illustrations are what keep him interested.

This is one of his most requested books, and we read it 3-4 times a day.

They also make a My Awesome Counting Book, which I had no idea about, and will be picking up as soon as possible! He struggles some with his numbers and counting, and I know this will help.


Will you be my sunshine? by Julia Lobo

_MG_2615The majority of the books that I purchased were educational, so I wanted to throw a “cute” read in. This book is perfect for ages 1+, and it is really a cute read, we love it.


Flaptastic: Colors by DK Publishing

_MG_2617_MG_2619This one is slowly becoming a favorite. I purchased it to help him distinguish between colors, and to learn the color names. I read that toddlers aren’t really able to name different colors until age three, so I was hoping to just introduce it and see what happens. He is definitely able to distinguish between the different colors now, and when asked what color something is he’s normally right, though it took some time. At first, everything was “Lellow!”

The only thing that I dislike about this book, is that there aren’t more colors.


Finding First Words and more! (My Little World) by Tiger Tales

If I had to name Grayson’s favorite out of all of these books, it’s this one. He loves lift the flap type books, and almost all of the words are lift the flap. There are different themes for each page: Playground, Animals, People, Vehicles, Clothes, and Around the House. I know that there’s more I’m forgetting. His vocabulary has improved leaps and bounds because of this book. When we’re out an about (even when we’re at home), he’s pointing and naming objects that he’s learned in the book.

First Words by Make Believe Ideas
_MG_2623_MG_2626While this book is similar to Finding First Words, it isn’t a lift the flap and contains different pages and words. The illustrations in this book are super cute, and is made by the same people who made My Awesome Alphabet.

I am so happy with my purchase of these books. They have helped to keep his attention, and he actually likes learning from them.

Does your Toddler own any of these books? What are their favorite books to read? We’re always looking to grow our library, so let me know in the comments!


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