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What are Sposie Diaper Doublers and How do you Use Them?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.

With Grayson newly three, we’ve been slowly incorporating more underwear wearing and toilet time, but I’ve always said that it’s something I wasn’t going to force. To have a successful potty training experience, I feel like it’s best when you go at your child’s pace. At this point, I know that he isn’t fully ready to be out of diapers. While he does well during the day, he still wears diapers at night and has been having leaks consistently a few times a week. Not only is it frustrating for him, it’s a pain for me to have to wash his sheets that often. So for the last few weeks, we have been using Sposie Diaper Doublers inside of his regular diapers. The Sposies have completely eliminated his night time leaks, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

What are Sposie Diaper Doublers?

Sposie Diaper Doublers are convenient diaper inserts designed to help minimize overnight leaks. Designed to wick away moisture from your child’s skin, they help to create a dry barrier and prevent diaper rash and irritation. They are made using certified hypoallergenic material that has been pediatrician and dermatologist tested. One of the great things about Sposie are that they have been designed to work with all brands, sizes, and types of diapers–so every Mom can use them!

We love Sposie so much because they extend the life of diapers by increasing it’s capacity by 8 fl oz! That definitely helps to combat night time leaks. We’ve been using them every night for weeks now, and I’ve been so impressed. Grayson wakes up to dry sheets/clothes every morning now! There were a few mornings that I was having to wash sheets right when we woke up due to leaks, and it’s been so nice not having to do that. It also makes them great for nap time and travel.

How do you use them?

Inserting and using Sposies are super easy–it’s essentially like putting a feminine pad in your underwear. Simply insert Sposie Booster Pads into your child’s diaper and adjust as necessary for optimal protection. For a girl, just leave the insert in the middle of the diaper. For a boy, pull it to the front.


We haven’t had any issues with them moving around, falling out while he’s asleep, etc.

Have y’all dealt with nighttime leaks? Have you used Sposie Diaper Doublers before? I’m not a new mom by any means, and I was so surprised that no one had mentioned them to me before. We will for sure be using them for Sawyer as well when she gets a little older. You can find Sposie Diaper Doublers at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.



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