Mom’s Day Out at Board and Brush Nashville

This past weekend, I grabbed ten of my good friends and headed to Board and Brush Nashville for an afternoon of wine, fellowship, and some hard work. And a really delicious cheeseball that I couldn’t stop thinking about and made at home the following day (thanks, Caitlin)! I can’t remember where I first heard of Board and Brush, but I knew that I wanted to go. Board and Brush offers DIY Wood Sign Workshops. Think super farmhouse, Pinterest worthy home decor…right up my alley.


About Board and Brush

Board and Brush Creative Studio offers “Open Studio” classes weekly–at some of them you are painting specific signs, and at others you can pick your own. You’re also able to book their studio for private classes. They have over 100 designs to choose from, and it was so hard to choose which one I wanted!

We chose to attend their Open Studio class, and the other ladies who were there that day had no idea what they signed up for being there with a bunch of Moms on the loose. Lol.


The Experience

One of the first things that you do when you walk in to Board and Brush Creative Studio is find your seat! When you purchase your seat for the class online, you’re asked to pick which sign you want in advance. This is so they can create your stencil and make sure that it’s ready when you arrive. You are also able to request to sit next to friends, and I obviously sat next to Rachel (my best friend and every occasion photographer). Like I mentioned above, I had such a hard time choosing which sign I wanted to do, but I ended up with their Home Sweet Home sign. The walls in my home are completely bare, and I felt like this was the perfect piece to start with.

_LSG5036Once you’ve confirmed that your stencil is correct (everything is spelled correctly, dates are right, etc.), you get to distress your sign! This part was so fun, and a great way to let off some steam! Haha. They provide you with hammers, mallets, and nails to distress your wood. Rachel and I took this a little too seriously.


You only get a small amount of time to distress, as to not overdo it (I’m assuming). After that, they go over stain choices with you and you get to pick which stain you want. I chose Jacobean, because I wanted my sign to be as close to the example one as possible, since I loved it so much.

The staining process was super easy, you just rub it on with a cloth and allow it to dry. Once I was done with my stain, I walked around taking photos, chatting with friends, and snacking. We brought so much wine and so many snacks…I don’t think that anyone has ever brought as much stuff there as we did.

_LSG5072_LSG5076I loved watching my friends working on their signs, but I’m going to be honest–once I realized how much work it was, I was sure they weren’t going to want to come to Mom’s Day with me ever again! This was so much fun but a LOT of work. You will get your hands dirty. And you’ll definitely break a sweat.
Thankfully, they all had a blast and are in love with their signs! Plus, we’ve been talking about going back since the second that we left.


At this point, anyone who decided to do a dry brush to their sign did that. I, again, walked around eating, drinking, and talking. I will probably do a dry brush next time because I actually really love the look of them.

After your stain and dry brush has dried, it’s time to place your stencil! The ladies at Board and Brush were super awesome about helping us with this, because it can be a little tricky. First, you have to peel the stencil away from the contact paper (anyone who has used a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo will know about this step). It can be difficult to make sure that you don’t mess up the stencil–definitely requires some patience. After removing the stencil from the contact paper, you place it onto your wood. You want to make sure that you get it in the spot you want, and ensure that it’s even before sticking it down and removing any bubbles.

Next, you paint!


Thankfully, I didn’t have to choose too many different colors. Because they have a lot, and that would’ve been difficult. Again, the painting process was super easy. The stencil allows for very few mistakes–so even those who aren’t very DIY Savvy will be able to create a beautiful sign.

The Finished Product

IMG_3519 _LSG5085 Our signs came out so good, and we are all in love with them! My friend Lindsey made this beautiful centerpiece box that I want to go back and do myself. Two of my friends made Halloween pieces which got me so excited for Fall. And two of my friends made Christmas signs, which makes me want to pull out my Holiday decorations now.

Board and Brush also offers a punch card system, which I think is awesome! When you complete 5 workshops the 6th one is free! They have so many great signs that I want, so I’m totally going to be working towards my 6th free workshop.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your girlfriends, this is it y’all! It’s not your typical outing, but I think you’ll enjoy it so much more. Grab your friends, pack some snacks and your favorite sips and get to work! Plus, you get to take a handmade piece home.

_LSG5051 _LSG5080 _LSG5083 I think that’s the best part, other than spending the day with friends. I have a beautiful sign hanging in my living room to remind me of the fun day that I had with my girls. It’s also rewarding to be all “Yeah, I made that” — when people ask you.

Thank you so much for hosting us, Board and Brush Nashville! We are definitely coming back sooner rather than later.

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