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Ditching the Mom Bun at Lucy Pop Salon

January 20, 2017 in Beauty, Uncategorized - No Comments

Let me be real honest with y’all… I take the term “Mom Bun” to an entirely different level. Morning-Mom Bun, Afternoon-Mom Bun, Evening-Mom Bun, Sleeping-Mom Bun. It’s just second nature, you know? The last thing that I want is for my family to eat food with strands of my hair in it, or for it to get yanked on when Grayson is climbing all over me. For the last few months, I have been everything but “glam”. (My poor husband, am I right?) Being way overdue for a change, I decided to ditch the Mom Bun at Lucy Pop Salon!

Lucy Pop Salon is located in Nashville (Hillsboro Village, to be exact) inside of the cutest three-story house. The decor is inspired by Wednesday Addam’s style sense. Each room is a different color, I spent most of my time in the Pink and Purple Rooms, and each room is fitted with a chandelier. They offer cruelty-free products and environmentally friendly products like Kevin Murphy, Evo, and Eminence. They have also received recognition as one of the best salons in Nashville (and across the country!). Not only do they do hair, but they do makeup services as well.

The Experience

Walking in to Lucy Pop, I was immediately taken aback by the space, and the decor. It was super stylish and cozy. I was greeted with several smiling faces. Which, if you’ve ever been to the South, you’ll know is standard.

(I snagged this photo from their Facebook page, because I didn’t think to take any. Rookie mistake.)
My stylist was Suzanna, who I have had the pleasure of meeting before. New to Nashville, and new to Lucy Pop, she was like a breath of fresh air. She is so warm and friendly. We headed upstairs to the Pink Room, where we discussed the game plan for my hair. Afterwards, we headed downstairs to the Purple Room, where all of the color happens.
IMG_8169One weird thing I noticed about this room is that there are no mirrors! Okay, there is that one black mirror, but literally no one getting their hair done can see out of it.
At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. Once the room started to fill up, I realized the absolute genius behind it. Everyone is forced to look at the person in front of them who is also getting their hair colored. This is such an amazing way to mingle and make friends.

FullSizeRender (1)Suzanna offered me wine. At 10:50 AM. I’m not even going to lie like I didn’t have three glasses during the duration of my color process, because I totally did. This was a complete treat for me, such a great way to have a “Mommy Pamper Day”, hold the actual Pampers filled with crap that I normally deal with.

This process took a while because I have an obscene amount of hair. Everyone in the room was just mingling, laughing, and talking with one another. I pressured (not really) two other ladies into grabbing a glass of wine with me. Sometimes being a hot mess first thing in the morning is just enticing.

The Results

Let’s all just collectively scream together.
IMG_8220IMG_8216FullSizeRender (5)
This is my dream hair. I am so, so over the moon pleased with it. Suzanna was able to give me exactly what I wanted and more. When she asked me how light I wanted to go, my exact words were “How light you got?” Ha!

Upstairs, on the third floor, they have a room specifically for “After” Photo Shoots! How fun is that? That is where these photos were taken.

I had such a fun day at Lucy Pop Salon, and I will continue recommending them as well as Suzanna over and over again!

While I can’t promise that the Mom Bun is gone forever, I’m definitely motivated to actually style my hair regularly now.

What is your favorite part of getting your hair done?

Mine is, hands down, when they’re washing your hair. Bonus points if they have longer nails and scratch your scalp for just a little while longer than they have to.


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