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The Lowdown on my Favorite Essential Oils

Essential Oils are all the rage right now, seriously. If you were to ask a group of women about them, you would get mixed reactions. There’s the women who have never tried them and are curious, those who have tried them and don’t care for them, those who haven’t tried them and will never, and then those who are obsessed. I am the latter. You’re also likely to get a million opinions about why this brand is better than that brand. My criteria for choosing an essential oil came down to three things: Quality, Affordability, and Ease of Purchase. Taking all of those into consideration, I landed on Plant Therapy Essential Oils.

This post does contain affiliate links, find out more about that here.

essential oilsI’ll be honest: there are a lot of companies out there right now who make great quality oils. Plant Therapy just worked for us. Before you decide on an oil, do some research about their processes and how they harvest, test, and bottle their oils! See which one stands out to you.

For me, Plant Therapy has an amazing price point, there’s no sign-up fees or monthly target goals to get a specific price, and they have some amazing and strict quality standards. The ability to order them directly from their website or Amazon without any run around was a huge selling point, and I’ve heard so many great things through social media and friends.


(The Plant Therapy 14 Essential Oil Set, including 7 Synergy Blends and 7 Singles is a GREAT starter kit, and can be found here.)

If you’re new to essential oils, it’s important to remember that they aren’t the end all be all to every ailment. I’m all about modern medicine, however, if there are ways to find relief in a more natural way–I’m in. I can honestly say that using essential oils has been such a blessing to our family. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re just delving into essential oils for the first time. I’m going to share a few of our favorite oils and how I use them around the house. This is just very basic information, because I am NOT an expert. Be sure to check each oil individually for suggestions and instructions for administering.

Using Essential Oils

There are three main ways to use essential oils.
1. Diffusing Them: Diffusing them is the most common, and easiest way to benefit from your essential oils. There are so many diffusers to choose from, but we use and love this one. I also have this one in the master, because it matches my decor. For larger areas, pick a diffuser that has a large capacity.
2. Applying Topically: When applying topically, I don’t do so without using a carrier oil to dilute. I know that a lot of people do, but we have such sensitive skin so I don’t chance it. Making rollerballs of our favorite blends is so incredibly convenient because we can take them anywhere. (I have a post all about making rollerballs coming soon!)
3. Ingesting Orally: I don’t do this, and I don’t have any suggestions regarding this.

essential oils

Our Favorite Oils and Synergy Blends

1. Lavender – You’ve heard of lavender being a sleep and relaxation aid, right? All of the pillow sprays and relaxing bath soaks are lavender scented. Lavender helps to calm and relax your mind and body, and also promotes a deeper sleep. Since I’ve suffered from insomnia and restless leg syndrome for my entire adult life, this one is a godsend for me. (I also use Tranquil and Relax Synergy Blends on myself regularly). You can put a few drops onto your pillowcase, add some to a hot bath before bed, or rub some onto your temples to help you relax.
2. Lemon – Lemon is my favorite for cleaning. It leaves everything smelling so fresh. Put a few drops down a stinky garbage disposal, mix with water and spray on counter tops for a quick refresher. It’s also energizing! This trick works with Sweet Orange, too. If Lemon ain’t your thing.
3. Germ Fighter / Germ Destroyer (KidSafe) – Germ Fighter and it’s KidSafe counterpart, Germ Destroyer, are supposedly a dupe for Young Living’s Thieves. I’ve had this confirmed by a few ladies who have tried both. I love the smell of this, and I diffuse the KidSafe version throughout the house when anyone is starting to feel sick. It can also be used to clean around the house, and I have an awesome how-to DIY Natural Household Cleaner using Germ Fighter here.
4. Immune Aid / Immune Boom (KidSafe) – This is one of my favorite oils because it promotes a healthy immune system. Diffuse this during cold/flu season and boost your family’s immunities. Combine this with Germ Fighter / Germ Destroyer into a rollerball with some fractioned coconut oil, throw it in your bag, and you have an instant defense for all of the nasty germs floating around.
5. Tea Tree Tea Tree Oil is so widely used and known these days. You find it in everything from your skincare to your shampoo. Put a few drops into your shampoo to stimulate and soothe a dry, flaky scalp. Dot some onto your acne. People often use it topically for cuts, fungus, etc. due to its antimicrobial properties. It can also be used for cleaning, it smells great! (Word on the street is that bugs hate Tea Tree Oil, too, so cleaning with it could help to repel them–giant plus!)
6. Peppermint*BIG OLD DISCLAIMER: THIS OIL IS NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN!* Peppermint is great for anyone who suffers from nausea. It’s safe to use while pregnant, if your pregnancy isn’t considered high risk, and can help to curb that nauseous feeling. Diffuse it or carry the bottle around with you and just smell it! I wish I had been into oils when I was pregnant with Grayson, because I was so nauseous all the time. Peppermint can also be used to relieve sore muscles. An easy DIY Muscle Rub : 1/2 C Coconut Oil with 10-15 drops of Peppermint oil. Rub onto the sore area as needed. It provides instant cooling relief.


(This KidSafe box with 6 Synergy Blends can be found here.)

As I mentioned above, Plant Therapy offers a KidSafe line, and it’s always in heavy rotation at my house. It’s also one of the reasons I was so drawn to this company. If you’re new to Essential Oils, it’s good to remember that not all oils/blends are safe for children, because they are more sensitive to aromas and their immune system isn’t fully developed. As a general rule, I don’t give Grayson any oils orally, never apply oils topically unless I’ve diluted them, and I don’t diffuse any that aren’t deemed “Kid Safe” around shared areas of the house. I’m a safety girl!

‘Sniffle Stopper’, ‘Calming the Child’, and ‘Nighty Night’ are our favorites. You can use them with your children so many different ways. Detox baths are a great way to tie in essential oils, as are roller balls. Our Nighty Night Rollerball is used every night after bath time, and it helps Grayson to fall asleep and stay asleep, which he’s had trouble with.

If you’re curious about Essential Oils and have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Like I said above, I’m not an expert, but I have done a fair amount of research and would love to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.


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