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Creating Holiday Traditions with Your Kids Featuring OshKosh B’gosh

November 9, 2017 in Fashion, Motherhood - No Comments

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts
and opinions expressed are my own.

The Holidays are FINALLY HERE! The last three months of the year are, hands down, my favorite. From Halloween and Thanksgiving (and Fall in general), to Christmas–I always get so amped up about them every year. The last two years, during the Holidays, Grayson was too young to really understand what was going on so we kept everything pretty low key. This year, he’s understanding a bit more. He was obsessively into Halloween–the pumpkins, especially. So I’m really excited to start creating Holiday Traditions in our household, and being a part of that magic for him, like my parents were for me.

Holiday Traditions are really special to me, and it was important to me to carry some over (and create new ones) from my childhood. These traditions will be such a huge part of Grayson’s memories of us and of family, and hopefully one day he will pass them down in his own family and do some of these with his kids.

Once he’s a little bit older, we will incorporate more traditions, I would love to be able to take him to do some volunteer work during the Holidays, specifically at food banks and soup kitchens, in a few years. While I want him to enjoy the Holidays, I want him to always have a helpful and giving heart–which to me, are what the Holidays are truly about.

These are the holiday traditions that I am excited to start with him this year.

1. Decorating The Tree

Taking him to the store every year and letting him pick out an ornament, maybe something sentimental or something that he was interested in that year. This year, it will probably be a train or Mickey Mouse. Then coming home and trimming the tree together, and turning it on for the first time. I love putting up my Christmas tree, it just makes me happy every time I look at it. If I could, I would probably be one of those people who keeps it up and decorated all year round.

2. Elf on the Shelf

We got the Elf on the Shelf last year, but it was basically for me. This year, we’re already having fun finding new places to hide him each morning. I can’t wait until I can make him do silly stuff. Did you know that they sell accessories for the Elves? I had no idea..I’m definitely new to this.

3. Christmas Morning Breakfast

Whether it be giant cinnamon rolls, or a true Southern Breakfast of eggs, biscuits and sausage gravy, I have a delicious recipe for that here, I want to have a big family breakfast on Christmas Morning before we open presents. I haven’t decided what I will make yet, but I want to make sure it’s relatively the same every year.

4. Baking Cookies for Santa

We make sugar cookies with homemade icing for Santa every year. Since I’ve moved back home to Tennessee, one of my best friends has brought her twins over every year and we make a huge batch. Letting the kids decorate their own cookies is such a fun (and kind of messy) time, but it’s so worth it. If you’re more into Chocolate Chip, I have an amazing recipe here. That is actually the recipe that you’ll see Grayson enjoying down below, we just added M&M’s along with chocolate chips.

5. Christmas Pajamas!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is Christmas Pajamas. Probably because I’ve always loved being comfortable, and if I could wear pajamas 24/7, I would. I won’t lie, some times I do. Every year, on Christmas Eve, my mom would have a brand new pair of Christmas themed pajamas for us to wear to bed, complete with fuzzy socks.

My hope is that each year we will snuggle up together in our Christmas pajamas, eating cookies and milk (or hot chocolate), and watching Christmas movies. We’ll probably read The Night Before Christmas, too.

I want to know your favorite Christmas movie, so tell me in the comments. Mine is The Santa Clause, the original. Our Elf on the Shelf is even named Scott Calvin!

_MG_3906_MG_3942_MG_3944 Buffalo Plaid is totally a Christmas staple, and these caught my eye as soon as I walked in. These PJs are so soft and cozy, plus they just scream Christmas Eve PJs. Do y’all get a special pair of pajamas to wear each year at Christmas? Grayson loves that they have a cookie on them, and so far every time he’s worn them he asks for a cookie.

Toddler Boy 2-Piece “Dear Santa” PJs | OshKosh B’gosh

_MG_3973_MG_3981_MG_4031 If he let me, I would put him in footie PJs until he moves out. Of course, he probably won’t so I will do it while I can. Footie PJs on kids are just super cute, and it’s a great way to make sure they stay warm at night during the Winter months. I love the arrow elements on these, and the fact that they can be worn year round, not just during the Holidays. I bought a size up for that specific reason. Although, with the way he’s growing, I’ll be lucky if they last him more than two months. He’s getting so tall!

Toddler Boy 1-Piece Arrow Fleece PJs | OshKosh B’gosh

OshKosh B’gosh has been one of my favorite stores for kid’s clothing since I became a Mom. They have such a good selection of stylish but functional clothes, and the quality has always been amazing. Heck, I wore OshKosh when I was Grayson’s age. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Their Fall/Holiday selection this year is on point–flannels, plaids (including lots of buffalo plaid), dark washed denim and overalls, shoes, and hats. They’re actually having a great deal right now on their logo zip-up hoodies. I snagged him a mustard yellow one, but I’m probably going to get all of the colors.

This year, for Black Friday, OshKosh is doing a Dash in to Win sweeps!!
On either 11/23 or 11/24 (depending on when your store opens), The first 100 people to any store will receive a gift card worth up to $100!!! Check local store listings for store hours.

Here is a really awesome coupon for you–make sure to use it either online or print it out and run to your local OshKosh B’gosh Store!


In-Store: 037264
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I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY over on my Instagram. If you’re not following me already (why not?), head over there now to enter to win a $50 OshKosh B’gosh Gift Card!

What are some of your favorite Holiday Traditions that you had growing up? What Holiday Traditions have you made special in your home with your kids?



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