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Surprise — We’re having another Baby!

February 27, 2018 in Motherhood, Pregnancy - No Comments

If you aren’t following me on Instagram and Twitter (you totally should be–by the way), then you’re a bit out of the loop! Between the Holidays, moving, and being sick– I have been incredibly MIA. Which, I am so sorry for, and I’m hoping that I’m well enough to start coming back in small doses soon. But, SURPRISE, I’m PREGNANT!

IMG_1729 (1)

We found out that I was pregnant the day before Thanksgiving, and for personal reasons we decided to wait to tell everyone. My OBGYN that I chose ended up being way more popular and harder to get in to than I anticipated, so we didn’t announce until Week 15! Truly, I feel like it flew by and dragged on all at once.

Between the Holidays and moving immediately after, we had zero time to slow down. Which has been super unfortunate, because my body apparently hates being pregnant and tries to reject it. Each time I’ve been pregnant, I’ve become incredibly nauseous and sick for the duration of the pregnancy. It’s absolutely miserable. It’s been so long since I was pregnant with Grayson that I don’t remember much, but this time seems much much worse!



A week or so after we announced, my dear friend Rachel (who is an amazing Birth Photographer–and if you’re local to Nashville, you should check her out) took me to OBaby to get a 2D Gender Scan Ultrasound. I did this completely as a surprise, Jacob had no idea and was at work at the time. Baby gave us a run for our money, being super stubborn and actually crossing legs and covering their parts with their hands, but….


We are thrilled that this baby is a girl! Although I originally decided that I wanted at least three children, now that we will have one child of each gender, I don’t have to put my body (or my family) through another really stressful pregnancy if I choose not to.

Right now I’m just trying to rest as much as possible, not overexert myself, and actively trying to not throw up every time I get up. I will be 19 weeks tomorrow! I am so excited to share this with y’all, and I hope I can get back to my regular posts super soon–I have a list of ideas in my ‘Notes’ section of my phone.  Featured on MovingBabies

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