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Pregnancy #2 Update: Hello Third Trimester!

May 2, 2018 in Mom Life, Pregnancy - No Comments

I am officially 28 weeks pregnant, you guys. That is the third trimester! Can you believe that? Because I sure can’t. There are still so many things that I have to buy, have to do, etc. You’re never truly ready though, right? Someone needs to reassure me. Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, and I’ve only had one doctor’s appointment in the last 6 weeks. At my appointment last week, Baby Girl was measuring 2 pounds 2 ounces, and was already head down. Since this is my last trimester, I thought that I would talk about some things that I’ve been experiencing the last two trimesters, as well as currently in this last one. I also have not done any bumpdates with this pregnancy like I did with Grayson’s. Poor girl is already suffering “second child syndrome”.


Mint Green Lace Trim Plus Maternity Pajama Set and Mint Floral Plus Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe from Pink Blush Maternity


My nausea has subsided so much since November. Typically, I am extremely nauseous right when I wake up in the morning, and if I don’t start my day off nice and slow with a big bottle of ice cold water–I end up throwing up in the kitchen sink and peeing my pants. No one said that pregnancy was glamorous, y’all. Once we get going with our day, most of the time I feel fine! Only occasionally will the nausea creep back up, and as someone who had 40 week nausea with my last pregnancy, I am so grateful for this.


My urge to clean everything is so real. The only con is that I’m typically too tired or too sore to do all of the insane things that I want to do. Now, I keep a pretty clean (but often messy/cluttered) home in the first place, but I find myself wanting to do things that I don’t normally do daily. Things like cleaning the baseboards, walls, and doors, vacuuming the ceiling fans and door frames. Grayson’s closet is also filled with so many diaper boxes packed full of clothes that he’s outgrown. I want to either donate it or just throw it away. Maybe sell it? If we end up having another baby that’s a boy, I figure I won’t have him in 4+ year old clothes.  How long am I supposed to keep all of that? How long did you keep outgrown clothes (if you weren’t planning on another child within the next few years)?

Gestational Diabetes

If you are following along on Instagram, you’ll know that I failed my one-hour Glucose Tolerance Test and then opted out of the three-hour test. My OB only allowed me to do this because I agreed to check my sugar four times a day. I wouldn’t recommend opting out of the Glucose Tolerance Tests without committing to monitoring your sugar. The tests make me so sick, that I would honestly never have to take one again. Because I had Gestational Diabetes with Grayson, I was more than prepared to test my sugars, and I was already watching what I was eating closely. After meeting with a dietitian, I had to up my caloric intake, as well as my carb intake. I wasn’t getting nearly enough calories in during the day to support my metabolism. Just like my pregnancy with Grayson, my blood sugar numbers have stayed consistently in the normal range, and I have no concerns about that as I finish up this last trimester.


_MG_4668Oh, sleep… how I miss getting good, good sleep. I’ve been a stomach sleeper for as long as I can remember, and that’s finally starting to get mildly uncomfortable for me. Because I’m having to sleep mostly on my side, I wake up so sore (even with our brand new mattress). Also, since about week 24 I have had to pee every 5 minutes after I lay down. This baby has her head pressing firmly on my bladder, so even when I don’t actually have to pee, I *feel* like I do. Which, if you’re wondering, is as fun as it sounds. For the most part, I get my best sleep during nap time. I think it’s because I have the entire bed to myself (sorry, Babe!)

_MG_4730Also, I mentioned this on Instagram, but I have been living in this Mint Green Lace Trim Plus Maternity Pajama Set. Seriously. I wash it every night, so that if I want to wear it the next day it’s always clean. They are, hands down, the softest pajamas that I have ever worn–they’re like butter soft. I’m pretty sure that before this baby comes I will order every color…just to keep from having to wash them every night. Grayson also loves the Mint Floral Plus Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe, and calls it my “Robe for the Morning”. Mint is one of my absolute favorite colors, and I love how bright and colorful the robe and the pajama set is. The fact that I can at least feel comfortable (and not so frumpy), is great. I may not be getting the best sleep, but I stay cozy all day. Unless I have to leave the house and wear something with an unforgiving waistband. We won’t talk about that today.

Needless to say, the day that I get to “starfish” on my stomach while I’m sleeping again is going to be so sweet.

Significant Movement

Because I have an anterior placenta, I wasn’t quite sure when I would start feeling and seeing significant movement. (If I ever did). I’m one of those paranoid pregnant women where, if I don’t feel movement or have a day where I don’t have any “symptoms”, I get worried. Thankfully, for the last two weeks or so, I have felt her move throughout the day. You almost forget what that feels like, after not being pregnant for a few years. It’s just as awesome (and sometimes weirdly uncomfortable) as I remember it.

As far as appointments go, I have one next week that is just to measure my belly and pee in a cup. Two weeks after that, we will be doing another ultrasound to check growth. After that, I will start going twice a week for Non-Stress Tests (and something else that I can’t remember). Honestly, I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. It has a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t announce until I was 4 months along, but it still doesn’t feel like I’ve been pregnant long enough.

We are more than excited to meet our little girl, I would be completely fine if time slowed down just a little…


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