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Must-Have Items for New Parents

The following items were graciously gifted to us, and while we’re so incredibly grateful, all opinions are always my own.
This isn’t my first rodeo with a newborn and since we’re almost a month in, I wanted to share some products that are must-have items for new parents. I have been using the heck out of the last few weeks. I feel like the first few months with a newborn are all about survival…what is going to get us comfortably (and sanely) from one hour to the next. A lot of the time that has to do with sleeping, feeding, and going out to brave the world. Truthfully, it’s all kind of a blur when you look back on it, right?


If baby loves something, I always have to share it, because if I can help one new mom get even a little peace of mind and keep some sanity, I am all about that. The following products are ones that I have been either using daily or relying on constantly since we brought Sawyer home.



With our first baby, we used a co-sleeper that was next to the bed as opposed to inside, and I feel like it was more work for us. It definitely made night time feedings more tedious, having to actually get out of bed. I knew right away that this time around I wanted to use a DockATot. You’ve probably seen the DockATot all over social media, since it’s being used by so many Moms right now (several that I personally follow).

The DockATot is a multi-functional lounger and co-sleeper that comes in two sizes– the Deluxe+ for ages 0-8 Months and the Grand for ages 9-36 months, which means that you’re able to use it from birth all the way to toddler-bed transition! (I feel bad that I didn’t get Grayson one, because he LOVES Sawyer’s, but it’s too small for him). It is made of 100% cotton that has been tested for breath-ability, and is an ideal micro-climate for babies and toddlers.


Since my husband and I are both bigger, I was worried at first about bringing the baby into our bed with us. This is our first time truly co-sleeping with a baby with us in bed. While we’re both a little closer to the edge of the bed than we’d like, the DockATot has been such a lifesaver. Sawyer sleeps so soundly in it, and most of the time if we didn’t set our alarms to feed her, she wouldn’t even wake up during the night. I am so incredibly impressed and in love with how easy the DockATot has made co-sleeping for us.


If you’ve been eyeing a DockATot, don’t worry I have a coupon, click here to grab $10 off any Dock! (The print that we have is “Bananas for You”).

The Ollie Swaddle


I’ve been a huge advocate of swaddling since Grayson was a newborn. Swaddling helps to provide baby with a sense or warmth and security, and can help to keep them from being disturbed by their ‘Moro’ (startle reflex) which they won’t outgrow for the first 4-6 months of life. A proper swaddle technique can help to keep your baby calm, if you have a particularly fussy newborn. Grayson suffered from gas pains early on, and swaddling was a lifesaver.


The Ollie Swaddle has been absolutely perfect for us. It uses patented moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of baby overheating, which is perfect in this humid Southern Summer. The fabric is super soft and has enough stretch to allow a snug but loose and comfortable fit. The bottom opening also allows for hassle-free diaper changes throughout the day/night.


The packaging was by far some of the cutest packaging I’ve seen. The swaddle comes in a beautiful keepsake box, and comes with its own laundry bag. We swaddle Sawyer almost every night, and she loves the Ollie Swaddle. (The color we have is Stone, and I’m obsessed with how neutral it is).


Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock


One thing that I didn’t realize as a first time Mom is that you’re not supposed to put baby’s car seat in the shopping cart. Did you know that? It’s hard to believe since you see so many other parents doing it. But, it can make the cart top heaving, causing it to fall over! (I had no idea, but every year roughly 24,000 children are treated for shopping cart related injuries).


The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is able to fit most grocery store carts, can hold and support up to 50 lbs in weight (it can also safely hold your infant car seat), and can be used until baby is able to sit up on their own. It is also really easy to install and use. As a Mom to two now, I need everything to be relatively easy for me to use, since I rarely have hands free.


I wasn’t sure how I felt about using the hammock to hold the carseat, since I’m one of those Moms who keeps baby completely covered and away from germs until their immune system is a little better, but I’m so glad I tried it anyways!


If you’re interested in snagging one for yourself, click here to receive 10% off! (The print that we have is ‘Full Bloom’).

What were some of your must-have items for baby’s first few months?


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