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(Blogger) Girl’s Weekend in Nashville

February 7, 2020 in Life, Nashville - No Comments

Do you follow my Instagram? If so, you saw that 30+ Bloggers traveled to Nashville last weekend. These bloggers are from all different niches, backgrounds, and cities all over the US. It was so nerve-wracking for me to meet all of these women that I looked up to. These women inspire me on a daily basis with their content and work ethic. Not going to lie, they had a lot to live up to in my head. To say that they met and exceeded every expectation that I have of them is an understatement. Each and every one of them was exactly how I dreamed they’d be.

While we didn’t have a lot of time together, we made the most of what little time we had. A lot of the weekend was just spent talking and getting to know each other, enjoying eachother’s company, and taking lots of pictures.

Getting together with a group this large is something that I typically would have never done. But, it was much needed for me. I’m still riding the high from it, an entire week later.

I wanted to share a little recap of the weekend and all of the fun things we did. (You can also head to my Instagram and check out my story highlights under “Nashville” to see everything that didn’t make it into this post). If you’ve yet to travel to Nashville, we stopped at a few of my favorite spots. Though, Nashville is so large and you totally can’t do it all in two days.

Most of the day Friday, I was working, which was frustrating. But Friday night, we made our way to Noelle Nashville to eat dinner at Make Ready L&L (which is a part of the Hotel).

Dinner at Make-Ready L&L inside Noelle Nashville

The menu was fixed and consisted of: Carrot Salad, Caesar Salad with Anchovy Dressing, Black Eyed Peas, Buttermilk Biscuits, Fried Chicken (regular and Nashville Hot), and for dessert–the cutest donut holes filled with a delicious sweet potato…puree? That doesn’t feel like the right word, but we’ll roll with it.

One thing that I noticed right away about Make Ready L&L is that they really take their presentation seriously. Each course was plated to perfection, perfectly photograph-able.
I was surprised at how much I loved these carrots, they had the perfect mix of seasonings and were cooked so well.

These Black Eyed Peas almost came home with me. One of the girls Friday night said “You know when there’s a giant ham hock in the BEP, that they’re going to be good!” My mouth is watering just thinking about these again.
This chicken was so good. Just the right amount of crisp in the breading, seasoned perfectly. I’m a bit of a wuss and the hot one was a little too hot for me–but had great flavor!

This photo was taken by the lovely Ellie of Ellie Kay Photography…she spent most of the weekend getting some wonderful photos of us, and had her camera stolen out of her car on Saturday night!

Thank you again so much to Noelle Nashville for hosting us for this dinner– everyone had such a wonderful time of food, fellowship, and laughs. (I’m totally thinking of going there with my Husband for Valentine’s Day!)

Saturday Morning, I made my way over to Kelly’s AirBNBs (which is where the girls were staying).

If you’re ever visiting Nashville and need a really cozy place to stay, I highly recommend The Myrtle. Even though I’m local, I wish I had stayed there. They’re such beautiful spaces, and the rooftop view is to die for.

After talking for hours, which came super easily to this group, we made our way to The Goo Goo Shop and Dessert Bar.

Make Your Own Goo Goo Cluster at The Goo Goo Shop on 3rd Ave

If you’re not familiar with Goo Goo Clusters, and most of the girls weren’t, they’re candy–in short. They’re made with real milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallow nougat. Also available: Peanut Butter or Pecan versions of the original. Goo Goo Clusters originated in Nashville in 1912– and they’re such a staple. When I reached out to Goo Goo, they were so excited to have us in to create our own clusters.

When creating your own cluster, you get to pick 2 “Sweets” (things like bourbon salted caramel and nutella), up to three fillings (things like potato chips, fruity pebbles, and rainbow sprinkles). Inside of mine is vanilla nougat, Oreos, white chocolate chips, and milk chocolate chips. Each girl chose different things for their cluster, and each one has told me how delicious theirs was!

After making our own clusters, we made our way to FGL House for a quick lunch where I had a delicious burger. Bonus? It’s literally right next to the Goo Goo Shop.

Lunch and AMAZING Rooftop pics at FGL (Florida Georgia Line) House

(and Aryn got this sweet shot of me on the rooftop of FGL. Perfect downtown shot)

Mural Chasing at Off the Wall Nashville

We headed to Off The Wall Nashville for some mural pictures. The girls were so into all of our murals that we have around town, and we have some seriously great ones.

Rooftop Concert by Menna and Delicious Charcuterie

Saturday evening was spent at the Air BnBs enjoying a rooftop concert (Menna was amazing.. her vocals were like butter, and her lyrics were so powerful), and some delicious charcuterie (courtesy of Miranda from Miranda in Charlotte)

Walking down Broadway and Singing/Dancing at The Stage

And then, we ended the night walking around Broadway, and singing and dancing our hearts out at The Stage.

Donuts at Five Daughter’s Bakery

Sunday Morning, Five Daughters treated us to some delicious goodies. Their hundred layer donuts are a must try…it’s kind of a cross between a cronut and a regular donut.

Photos by Bessy

And just like that, the weekend was over

We all returned to our normal lives, a little sore and a lot tired.

Meeting this incredible group of women will no doubt be included in my 2020 Highlight Reel.

None of us can wait for the next trip! Where should we go?

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